Wunika Mukan Gallery presents the works of Laju Sholola and Sophie Goudman-Peachey in Primary Textures, an intimate look at women who brave their bodies against the elements of personal growth and bare themselves to the power of vulnerability. Rendering their subjects in expressive poses, Laju and Sophie’s earthy palettes and textured strokes explore the exquisitely jagged terrain of self discovery.


“Sister how do I love myself enough to know your accomplishments are not my failures? ”
– Rupi Kaur
“In My Feelings” are Laju Sholola’s large-scale portraits featuring her signature unfinished lines and sparing, tea-soaked brushstrokes. Painting in English tea, ink and acrylic, she renders her subjects partially transparent or “disappear” parts of their form to reflect upon visibility and vulnerability. In snapshots of intimate, contemplative moments, and a penetratingly honest gaze, her work “shows who we are, our self-worth and the struggles in between”.


In her series “Come forth and swim here, these waters are safe” Sophie Goudman-Peachey reflects on the dynamics of individual women within the context of community. She composes tableaus of beautiful nude
bodies, each uniquely prone to her environment, yet visually unified by brightly colored hair.


Together Laju and Sophie address a spectrum of experiences women encounter, dealing with notions of security and protection, self- knowledge and awareness within a greater whole.